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Here at the modest Green House Hostel in Kashan, we host foreign tourists from a variety of countries. And there are good reasons that make thousands of tourists visit our city every year. The city of Kashan in Iran belongs to Isfahan province in in the center of the country. This beautiful oasis city is known for its high-quality fragrant distillates among which its rosewater is the most famous one. So, there are many rose fields all around Kashan whose scent is as sweet as its people’s accent. Kashan is also a very ancient city. The literal meaning of the city’s name is “the abode of the kings” and many of the great Persian Kings chose Kashan as their residence. And that’s why Kashan is home to the best example of Persian gardens i.e. The Fin Garden, and also to the tomb of Shah Abbas the Great who was the greatest of all Safavid Kings. But the best of tourist attractions in Kashan is the city’s historic houses whose stunning architecture blows any observer away. But the beauty of our city is not the only reason that many of the foreign tourists opt for Green House Hostel over any other cheap hotel in Kashan.

Green House Hostel in Kashan

Green House Hostel in Kashan

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Green House Hostel in Kashan is a Family Hostel

Green House Hostel was started and is managed by a lovely young couple. They offer the world-renowned Persian warmth and prove you that the stories about the Iranian hospitality are not fairy tales. Ali, the husband, has great experience in helping the foreign tourists who visit Kashan. He helps them to plan their trip in Iran, to apply for their Iranian visa, to book plane, train, or bus tickets in Iran, to take the best possible tours in and around Kashan, etc. Zahra, Ali’s wife, has great skills in cooking traditional Persian dishes that would definitely make you forget about your diet and eat as much as you can. The warmth and intimacy at Green House Hostel in Kashan has given a home-like vibe to this hostel, and so you’ll have a real touch of the way real people live in Iran. And this is something one would rarely experience at other budget hotels in Kashan.


Green House Hostel in Kashan

Green House Hostel in Kashan

The Location and Rooms at Green House Hostel in Kashan

Located in a central neighborhood, Green House Hostel in Kashan gives you an easy access to all the popular tourist attractions in the city. You can easily walk to the city’s tourist spots. As for the building of the hostel, it is more than a century old and has a peculiar, but fascinating style of architecture. The very thick walls of the building keep the rooms cool against the desert’s merciless sun. Regarding the size of the hostel, Green House Hostel is a small one, and despite the unlimited warmth and hospitality that it extends to the guests, the number of the rooms and beds are limited. So, since the hostel is almost a full house every night, tourists are advised to book their rooms in advance. There are both private rooms and dormitories at the hostel. The bathrooms and showers are commonly used by the guests, but they’re very clean. Needless to say, the rooms prices at Green House Hostel are surely lower than any cheap hotel in Kashan.


Green House Hostel in Kashan

Green House Hostel in Kashan

Tehran’s Hotels and Hostel

Kashan is only 240 km away from Tehran. That is why most of the Kashan tours choose Tehran as their point of departure. Once in Tehran, you will most definitely need a descent accommodation and that’s why you should know about your options. Hotels in Tehran are the first choices that come to mind as they are among the most excellent lodging facilities in Iran. Then comes Tehran’s fabulous traditional guesthouses and hostels. These humble abodes are perfect for budget travelers who are more concerned with the experience of a trip than with the level of luxury they receive. One option is particularly in demand and that is of course the fabulous SevenHostels Group's Tehran Hostel. Among the features that contribute to the latter’s nomination as the best hostel in Tehran are cleanliness, high quality of amenities and service and a marvelous 24-hour common area. Tehran’s Seven Hostel is the most popular budget lodge in the capital, so be sure to do the booking in advance.



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