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Green House Hostel in Kashan

Eng: Green House Hostel in Kashan, Gozar-e Agha Alley, Behind Al-e Yasin (Melal) Historic House, Emam Khomeini St, Emam Khomeini Sq, Kashan


کاشان، میدان امام خمینی، خیابان امام خمینی، پشت خانه ملل (خانه تاریخی آل یاسین)، کوچه گذر آقا، هاستل خانه سبز کاشان

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3/28/2017 1:23:44 PM

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Guerrero on 6/3/2019
Hi I did the reservation, for tomorrow June 4th to 6 but I did receive the confirmation mail Thanks

Thank You


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Thank you very much for contacting us.

Your reservation has been finalized.

Kind Regards

Golshan Hostel in Shiraz


Zbigniew on 10/29/2017
Hello, Do you have still private room for 2 people available for Monday - Tuesday night? Thank You Zbigniew

Thank You

Dear Zbigniew

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Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please make a reservation on the website and we will check the availability and get back to you.

In addition, you can find more information about the prices on our website.

Kind Regards